My IML Journey

Hello Everyone.

As I begin my journey with IML (International Markets Live Inc.) I wanted to take you with me so that you along with me can experience this journey together and learn as I learn.

I will be documenting my activities, experiences, successes and failures along the way.

Feel free to leave feedback that makes sense below and that can be beneficial to others.

My Experiences with trading

  1. My previous experience with trading included three different types. Initially I purchased the standard stocks in various companies in hopes that they will increase in value over time and I can sell them and make a profit. I don’t think I have to tell you how well that works out for most people. I purchased what I could afford, small quantities of low to medium priced stocks from various companies, most of which lost value after some time and I decided I was just wasting my time because I didn’t want to spend 10-20 years to see profits.
  2. My other foray into the market was penny stocks. Penny stock are great, if any of those companies ever become break-out stars and ever become recognized. I think the thrill of penny stocks was that I can buy tens and hundreds of thousands of shares for little to nothing and pray that some day, one day they will grow in value. Needless to say, I held on to those stocks and prayed; and prayed; and prayed; and nothing happened. Eventually I sold them all, not much of a gain and got out of that option.
  3. Another option was option trading, a method that I truly love and enjoyed the fast profits, easy potential to make some great money quickly and the agony of losing it all. Option trading is great but when you’re doing it on you’re own you’re like a guppy left to the sharks. Any little thing in the news, world, company, reporting can change the tides of a company and bye-bye goes your investment.
  4. Binary Options: Yes, finally a solution that rewards or punishes you for a simple Yes/No choice. I swore this was the one and if I did have to settle for one of the many options above, this would be it. Binary options allows you to determine a time in which the Forex, Index or Commodity price will be above or below a certain price, a simple Yes/No option. This options like all others take quite a bit of studying, practicing and demoing before diving in head first. I was as successful with binary option trading as I was with the others.

That brings us to the present day and the IML opportunity. IML has developed numerous tools to help you trade in the forex market and in addition has a multi-level marketing component to it. I am totally not interested in the MLM feature but the products, training and support they provide seems to be second to none.

We will take this journey together and see what becomes of this.

My first step was to register for my account through my step-dad and to open a demo account using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform/tool. I was invited to his **PRIVATE** group on Telegram (Team Freedom). You cannot simply join this group you will have to be invited by me or another member of the group.

Next step is to open my broker accounts and to link those accounts to my MT-4 App. I decided to open my broker accounts with FXChoice and Trader’s Way both of which seems to be reliable and have great products. Do remember, I am writing as I make these decisions so don’t expect a review on any of these services mentioned. I may be able to write a review after I have some experience with them.

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