4) My IML Mistakes

So I figured I would also track what went wrong during my journey.

IML Mistake #1

My first rookie mistake happened when I decided to add a new broker to Meta Trader 4 on my phone. I got excited that I was finally able to register for my Trader’s Way account and decided to adda demo account to my phone.

In my haste, I added a new demo account without using the user/login that I was given. I went in to remove the new demo account that I didn’t want and ended up deleting my first Meta Quotes-Demo account with all my trades for my first day.

I ended up losing the data and also any history, thank goodness it was only one day’s worth of information. I submitted a ticket through MetaTrader 4 with my member ID for the demo account but I doubt they’ll be able to retrieve my initial password.

By the way, once a demo account is deleted, messages and anything that is related to that demo account is deleted with it.